Episode 511: Amy Frostick – Race Director for the Shamrock Marathon

Happy Olympic Trials marathon weekend! Such an exciting weekend.

Today on the podcast, I am interviewing the race director for the Shamrock Marathon and the co-owner of J&A Racing, Amy Frostick. I am so excited to connect with the Shamrock Marathon this year. I’ll be at the race hosting a meetup and doing some fun stuff at the expo. This race is the weekend of March 15-17. It is festive and it is fun! Use the code LindseySham10 for 10% off your registration of any of their races!

In this episode, Amy tells us all about the Shamrock Marathon, what it looks like to be a race director, and her history with running. She has run 20 marathons and has a marathon PR of 3:10. She has completed four Ironman triathlons. She has owned J&A Racing with her husband, Jerry, since 2003 when they took over the Shamrock Marathon. They have 10 races total as a part of their business!

We kick off the conversation with our excitement for the Olympic Trials this weekend!! LOVED talking with Amy today!!

What we talked about:

3:00- Her race directing business

6:00- Olympic Trials talk

9:00- The Shamrock Marathon

12:50- Her passion for women in this sport

14:05- Behind the scenes of being a race director

17:40- Her history with running

21:25- Her adventures with their airstream trailer

23:50- Her career before J&A Racing

26:00- Virginia Beach

31:10- Favorite thing about race directing

32:25- The Leprechaun at the race

34:10- Shamrock Marathon

38:10- End of podcast questions

Show Notes:

Demon Copperhead

Maybe Someday


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