Episode 508: Lauren Hagans – Debuting the Marathon in 2:25 with the Win at Grandma’s Marathon Heading into the Olympic Trails Marathon

I’m so excited to be joined today by Lauren Hagans! Lauren runs for NAZ Elite and has been training with them since 2020. She used to specialize in the 5k/10k and was even an 800m runner in college! She has recently debuted in the marathon at Grandma’s Marathon this past June. She won the race in 2:25:55. The Olympic Trials marathon here in a couple of weeks will be her second marathon!

Lauren recently ran a PR in the half marathon in Valencia of 69:40. I am so excited for her and all of her recent progress. She is so fit and ready for the trials!

In this episode, we hear all about her debut marathon, how she is feeling heading into her second marathon at the Olympic Trials, and what her training is looking like. We also get to hear some updates about her team at NAZ Elite and working with her coaches, Jenna and Jack.

It’s always special to get to take the time to talk to athletes ahead of the Olympic Trials so thank you Lauren for taking time out of your schedule to update us on your training!

What we talked about:

5:35- Transitioning to running the marathon

11:45- Winning her debut marathon at Grandma’s Marathon

23:00- Battling imposter syndrome

26:20- NAZ elite

30:00- The calf strain that she had ahead of her debut marathon

36:00- Looking ahead to the Olympic Trials

39:50- What her marathon training looks like

43:10- The coaching setup

50:45- How this trials feels different than others that she has run

57:30- Her race at the Valencia Marathon

Show notes:

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Things Fall Apart

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