Episode 167: Sheri Jones – Youth in Business

Sheri Jones is my guest today! She is the mom of four and is a passionate advocate for youth entrepreneurship. This is such an exciting topic for me, I love this idea! Sheri herself is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and is the co-founder of Youth in Business. She is on a mission to empower young minds through entrepreneurship. Her and her husband founded an educational program dedicated to equipping kids with financial knowledge and independence. This is such a cool topic and I was so excited to learn more from her!!

Their website, Youth in Business, helps kids come up with creative ways to be their own business owner and entrepreneur. I am hoping to get one (or more) of my kids get into this idea!

It’s never too early to talk to your kids about money and Sheri shows us really fun ways to do that!

What we talked about:

2:50- Introduction to Sheri

3:20- The online business that her kids run

5:30- Her background with entrepreneurship

9:00- Youth in Business

10:45- What type of kid this model best suits

15:00- Youth in Business TV

19:20- Helping kids find business ideas

21:15- First steps to getting started on your business

22:50- Helping kids find balance in their life while owning a business

24:15- Her kids businesses

26:00- Talking to kids about finances

29:50- Planting the seed about starting the business

31:20- Time commitment from the parents

33:35- Opportunities that entrepreneurship has provided their family

35:00- Goal setting with kids

43:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Youth in Business

$100 Million Leads

The Success Principles for Teens

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