Episode 507: Kellyn Taylor – Mom of Four, 2:24 Marathoner for NAZ Elite Ready for Another Olympic Trials Marathon

Alright, friends. This is a special one! Kellyn Taylor is joining me on the podcast today! I am stoked to see what Kellyn is going to do at the Olympic Trials is just a few weeks!

This is Kellyn’s third appearance on my podcast. She came on way back on episode 125 in 2018, we then did a live show with NYRR in 2019 with Sara Hall and Roberta Groner, and then she came on the podcast for episode 229 right before the Olympic Trials with her teammates Steph Bruce and Aliphine Tuliamuk. 

Kellyn has been running for NAZ Elite and Hoka for years. She has been on that team since it was founded with coach Ben Rosario. Kellyn has had multiple top ten finishes at the NYC marathon and she is a 2:24 marathoner. She is the mom of four and gave birth to a baby girl just a little over a year ago! She ran her first postpartum marathon at the NYC marathon this past fall. She was the top American running 2:29:48. 

In this episode, we talk about training and motherhood, coming back postpartum, and how she is feeling heading into the Olympic Trials!

What we talked about:

4:25- How Kellyn is feeling heading into the Olympic Trials

8:00- Recapping her race at the NYC marathon

11:40- Training as a mother of four

17:10- Her most recent pregnancy

22:40- Looking ahead to the heat at the trials

26:30- Changes over her running career

29:15- Her thoughts on super shoes

31:30- Team updates

33:50- Her mindset heading into the Olympic Trials

38:20- Working with coach Jenna

40:35- Thinking back on her marathon debut at the Houston Marathon

41:50- Thoughts on this Olympic marathon cycle

43:50- The importance of becoming an Olympian for her career

45:40- Her kids’ perspective on her career

49:10- Her experience with fostering and adopting

53:35- What it means to her to be a mother running the trials

55:00- Last feelings heading into the trials

Show notes:

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