Episode 505: Erica Stanley-Dottin – Running Fast into 50; 2:52 in Valencia, Culture Producer with Tracksmith

Today on the podcast, I am joined by Erica Stanley-Dottin! I am so excited to share this one, such a fun and casual conversation to kick off the new year!

Erica is an incredible athlete and mother. She has a marathon PR of 2:52 which she ran in Berlin in 2022. She just ran another 2:52 at the Valencia Marathon. She is a part of the Black Roses NYC running group. She was the 25th Black American woman to run a sub three hour marathon.

Erica works for Tracksmith in NYC and she calls herself a Culture Producer. In her previous job, she was an event producer and an actual producer, so she is combining all of her passions with this job! We talk all about that in this episode and hear about her role at Tracksmith

Erica has also crossed over the 50-year-old mark and of course we talk about that. We talk all about running and aging and all the things with age! We also kick off the episode talking about raising her kids in NYC because I am just so curious about that topic.

Friends, enjoy this episode!!

What we talked about:

4:50- Raising kids and living in NYC

8:10- Erica’s running story

17:10- Her running group, Black Roses

23:00- Having a healthy mindset with running

33:00- Turning 50

43:25- Breaking 3 hours in the marathon

56:50- Her work at Tracksmith

1:07:00- Thoughts on Boston qualifying times

1:11:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Running While Black

The Autobiography of Miles Davis

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