Episode 504: Chanelle Price – Indoor World Champion in the 800m Talks About Life After Sport and Defining Yourself

Chanelle Price joins me on the podcast today. Chanelle is a retired professional 800m runner. She ran professionally for Nike. She won the 2014 World Indoor Championships in the 800m. She is also a 3-time Gold Medalist in the 4x800m at the World Relay Championships. She is a 1:58 800m runner. 

Chanelle ran for the University of Tennessee. She was a standout phenom athlete in high school. She entered college as the Gatorade Athlete of the Year coming out of high school. 

Chanelle has such a great episode in this message that your running, your career, and what you do does not define who you are! I loved this message.

Thanks Chanelle for coming on the podcast, this episode was a blast!

What we talked about:

3:15- Moving to Charlotte

5:00- What her career has look like post-professional running

8:30- Retiring from professional running

14:00- Advice to younger athletes

18:00- Chanelle’s battle with mental health in sport

28:00- Being coached by JJ Clarke

30:30- Dissapointments in her running career

33:00- Her parents instilling hard work in her

38:00- Winning the Indoor World Championship 800m

44:45- Message to any athletes walking through a big injury

47:30- Running cross country as an 800m runner

52:00- Dealing with setbacks in her career

57:30- Placing 5th at the 2020 Olympic Trials in the 800m

59:00- The decision to retire

1:04:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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