Episode 503: Mary Johnson – Racing Without Expectations After 7 Years Away From the Marathon

My good friend, Mary Johnson is on the podcast today!! Mary and I go way back when we became friends around 2013 and we have stayed friends and grown in our friendships over the years. It has been such a joy to see Mary grow and thrive in her coaching business, Lift, Run, Perform. She is all in when she does something, she cares so deeply about her business and giving everything she has to her athletes! She is also the mom of two and is an amazing mother.

Recently, Mary ran CIM which was her first marathon in SEVEN years! Mary has been really open and honest about her injury battles and the major surgery that she had a little over a year ago. She ran a 3:08 in California which was a big deal. In this episode, she talks about her mindset for this race and how she kept it pressure-free and had fun with it. I LOVED hearing all about this!

Mary also shares some great advice about strength training in this episode that you’ll all hopefully pull something from!

What we talked about:

7:00- Her marathoning the past few years

9:30- Limiting beliefs on yourself

15:00- How strength training played a role in her running

20:40- Advice for individuals new to strength training

30:05- Recapping her race at CIM and the training leading into it

52:45- Setting expectations in races

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