Episode 502: Grayson Murphy – Chasing Joy with a Two-Time World Champion; Airplane Arms & Entrepreneurship

Grayson Murphy is on the podcast today! She is a returning guest and was first on the podcast all the way back in May 2019 for episode 180!

Back then, she was running with NAZ Elite and has made several changes in her career since then. She is a four-time US Champion and World Champion as a mountain runner. She is the CEO of Racin Grayson Training Logs. On top of her very successful mountain running career, she placed 6th at the US Olympic Trials in the Steeplechase in 2021.

This episode was SO much fun! We talk about the evolution of her career and chasing joy in her running career, her training logs and growing that business, the changing landscape of sponsors in the running community, and so much more.

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What we talked about:

7:00- Grayson’s career since we last talked

12:30- Her evolution of the mental side of training

13:15- Her sponsorship with Saucony

18:30- Her training plans

21:40- Moving back to Flagstaff

23:55- The sub-ultra community

28:05- Winning a US Championship and World Championship

37:50- Bringing on sponsors and marketing for them on social media

42:55- More details on her training logs

46:30- The health journey that she has been on the past few months

51:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:


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