Episode 500: Ally Brettnacher – Owner of Athlete Bouquets & New Half Marathon PR at Indy Monumental

My good friend Ally Brettnacher is on the podcast today!

I’ve known Ally since the early days as a young professional in Indianapolis. She is a huge part of the running community in Indianapolis and is on the board at the CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.

Ally is the founder of Athlete Bouquets, which are unique gifts for runners that are filled with runner goodies. These are just the best gifts for holidays, birthdays, and post-race gifts for runners! She partners with a lot of other women-owned small businesses with this! I loved hearing about her journey to starting that business in this episode!

Ally hosts the podcast called Finish Lines and Milestones. I’m excited that she has taken the plunge into podcasting!

She’s completed 55 half marathons and 7 marathons. She just ran a half marathon PR about two years after having her second baby! I was lucky enough to give her a hug post race there! We talk all about that in this episode about running faster post baby even when she believed her PR days may be over!

Use the code “another” for 10% off at athletebouquets.com to support Ally’s business!

What we talked about:

3:45- The backstory on her career

4:40- Her running history

13:15- Ally’s coach

14:50- Athlete boquets

31:30- Ally’s podcast

33:30- Women Owned Businesses in the Running World

40:45- Ally’s goal to qualify for Boston

43:50- Her work as a board member of the Indy Monumental Marathon

45:00- Running fast postpartum

49:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Athlete Bouquets Website

Athlete Bouquets on Instagram

The Measure

Elon Musk Book

Female-owned businesses we shared:

26 Diamond

This Blonde Runs

Pens and Paces

Erica Sara

Sara Marie Designs

We Run on Art

Koala Clip

Grayson Murphey’s training plan

Relay Active

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