Episode 497: Sally McRae – Grand Slam of 200s Champion

Sally McRae is back on the podcast today! She was on episodes 145, 242, 328 and I had a live show with Sally in 2019 in Indianapolis. Sally recently became the Grand Slam Champion which is a title of all of these 200+ mile races: Big Foot, Moab, Cocadona, Tahoe. She recently won the Moab 240. I loved hearing about this, a year of racing 200+ mile races. Sally is also the 2021 Badwater 135 Champion. She is an author, she wrote the book Choose Strong and also has a podcast called Choose Strong. Sally also has a fitness app. She really does all of the things!

Every time that I talk to Sally, she comes with so much great encouragement and advice. I hope you love this episode as much as I did!

What we talked about:

3:00- Catching up with Sally

14:05- Running the grand slam

27:00- The strength of the mind in ultrarunning

51:40- Her husband, Eddie, transitioning into managing Sally’s career

1:00:30- Increasing your confidence

Show notes:

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