Episode 496: Dr. RuthAnn Lobos – Running With Dogs

Dr. RuthAnn Lobos is a veterinarian who works for Purina and is a runner! She serves as the Senior veterinarian for Purina Pet Care. She lives in Boulder and spends her free time running marathons! She is also an avid triathlete. She has run Boston three times, completed more than 25 marathons, and has served as an official pace group leader for the Austin Marathon four times. She has completed three Half Ironmans. She has a love for running and animals and it was so much fun to hear all about that in this episode!

Dr. RuthAnn shares so much about exercising with your dog and proper fueling plans for your pup!

What we talked about:

3:20- Her marathoning career

4:50- Her job as a vet

7:55- Nutrition for dogs

12:15- Shedding with dogs

21:10- Feeding times for dogs

26:30- Purina products

28:30- Food as dogs age

36:45- Purina at the NYC Marathon

38:20- End of podcast questions

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