Episode 495: Rose Harvey and Ben Bruce

Ben Bruce and Rose Harvey are on the podcast today for another post Chicago recap!

Rose Harvey burst onto the professional running scene after starting to run during the pandemic in 2020 and discovered a hidden talent! She did not grow up a runner or compete in high school or college. She just ran a 2:23:21 and placed 9th at the Chicago Marathon. Previously she was working as a finance lawyer and now runs professionally for Puma. Rose is from the UK and also hosts half of the podcast 5 Miles Easy.

Ben has been on the show before! He was a phenomenal pacer once again for the Chicago Marathon and paced a large group of women and men and Rose was one of those in the group! Ben is the dad of three young kids and his wife, Stephanie, just gave birth to their little girl! Ben is with Hoka NAZ Elite and now supports the team and paces the team in a lot of workouts!

What we talked about:

4:30- Ben’s pacing

7:00- Rose’s race at the Chicago Marathon and a bit on her running history

22:50- Ben pacing right after his wife, Stephanie, just had their baby girl

27:15- Racing with Sara the last mile

31:05- Being coached by Amy and Alistair Craig

33:20- Some psychology tactics to Rose implemented

35:35- The energy that Ben brings to the group

42:55- How Rose felt throughout the race

50:00- Olympic selection process for Rose in the UK

52:30- What’s next for Ben

56:25- End of podcast questions

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