Episode 494: Sara Vaughn and Dakotah Lindwurm Recap their Chicago Marathon Experience

Dakotah Lindwurm and Sara Vaughn are on the podcast today! They both ran PRs at the Chicago Marathon and I loved hearing their recaps on this episode!

Sara ran a 2:23:24 which was a 3 minute PR and placed 10th. Sara debuted the marathon in 2021, running a 2:26:53. Last year at Chicago she was 7th place and ran a 2:26:23. She is the mom of four and is a realtor. In this episode, she talks about taking risks this year in her training ahead of Chicago! Sara comes from a 1500m background. Sara has been on the podcast so many times – episodes 283, 302, 341, 416, 443.

Dakotah smiles the entire marathon and it is so much fun to watch! She truly loves what she gets to do while performing. She was previously on episode 398 after she won the 2022 Grandma’s Marathon in a time of 2:25:01. This year in Chicago she ran a 2:24:40 which was a 35 second PR and 12th place overall.

What we talked about:

5:35- Catching up with Sara and Dakotah

12:35- Recapping Chicago

16:35- Dakotah’s marathon progression

19:00- Sara heading into the marathon trials

24:45- Chicago Marathon recaps

29:30- Taking risks in races

34:25- Sara taking risks in her training and focusing more on running

38:25- Minnesota Distance Elite

39:30- Sara transitioning to being coached by the Craggs

44:30- Expectations going into the race

45:15- What they are excited about going forward

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