Episode 493: Erin Azar – Pro Struggle Runner and Official USATF Hype Woman

Erin Azar is on the podcast today! Erin is known as @immrsspacecadet on Instagram and Tik Tok. Her videos went viral during the pandemic when she decided that she wanted to start running. She has now run 3 marathons. Her first marathon was a virtual race. She also ran the NYC Marathon and Chicago Marathon. Erin has 3 kids. She also has her own podcast called, Non Members Only and is the official USATF hype woman. She calls herself a professional struggle runner and I am sure that many of you have seen her on social media!

Erin is hysterical and was so much fun to have on the podcast!

What we talked about:

7:50- Introduction to Erin and her life on social media

17:30- Her career before social media

21:00- Showing her kids on her social media

25:50- Starting running

31:45- How her life has changed with social media

37:00- Some other projects that she is working on

44:45- Interviewing USATF athletes

51:15- Living in the country

54:05- Her marathons

1:03:15- Quitting drinking

1:16:40- Favorite running gear

1:23:50- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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