Episode 492: Frank Lara – Heading into the 2023 Chicago Marathon!

Frank Lara is on the podcast today! Frank is gearing up to run the Chicago Marathon this weekend. Frank runs with Roots Running in Boulder and is sponsored by Altra. He works for Strava and tells us all about that in this episode!

Frank is from Mexico City and grew up in Houston. He ran for Furman University in college. He debuted the marathon in Houston and ran a 2:11:32, he ran Chicago last year, and this Spring he competed at the London Marathon. He is looking for a strong race at Chicago and I think he is ready to crush it!

In this episode, he talks about his training, what has changed and his goals as a professional runner! He also tells us all about when he fell in love with the sport and his trajectory over the years!

What we talked about:

3:00- How he is feeling heading into Chicago

5:00- Changing their training for this buildup

7:45- The decision to run the Chicago Marathon

19:30- Joining Roots Running

27:20- Frank’s running story

38:00- His college running career

49:40- His work at Strava

57:55- Goals in his career

1:00:30- Plan leading into the Olympic Trials

1:02:45- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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