Episode 491: Jim Walmsley – 2023 UTMB Champion

Jim Walmsley is on the podcast today coming off of his 2023 UTMB win! Jim became the first American male to win this race. He has attempted four previous times and over a year ago decided to move to France to train over there.

Jim is also the 2018, 2019, and 2021 Western States Champion and holds the course record there!

In this episode, he recaps his training and the UTMB race.

What we talked about:

3:20- Catching up with Jim post UTMB

5:30- Recapping UTMB

8:40- Moving to France to prepare for UTMB

15:15- His wife’s support of his career

20:20- Recap of the finish of UTMB

27:30- Standing on the shoulders of all of the American women that have won UTMB

29:05- Watching Courtney Dawaulter dominate

32:00- Walking through hard times in his career

35:20- What excites Jim in his career

39:30- Payment structures in ultrarunning

45:45- Road ultras

50:00- His marathon training

58:00- What’s next

1:09:00- His work ethic

Show notes:

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