Episode 149: Leslie Bailey – Co-Founder and CEO at Indy Maven & Maven Space; The Pursuit to Uplift Women

Leslie Bailey is the founder of Indy Maven which is a digital media platform that offers lifestyle content to delight an audience of highly engaged, badass women in the great Indianapolis area. She also started Maven Space, a coworking space in Indianapolis.

Leslie is a seasoned writer, editor, and media consultant. Before launching Indy Maven, she was the managing editor for AAA Crossroads Magazine, lifestyle editor for Indianapolis Monthly, and a reporter for the Indianapolis Star. Leslie has two sons and a stepson, she loves cooking, reading, and organizing.

What we talked about:

5:55: Introduction to Leslie

6:45- Indy Maven

8:10- Postpartum creativity

10:55- Balancing motherhood and being an entrepreneur

17:10- Maven Space

18:30- Indianapolis

22:05- Competing with other coworking spaces

30:10- Making things happen in her business

36:00- Filtering out consumption of social media

39:50- Walking away from hustle culture

45:40- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Indy Maven

The Great Alone

Marketing Made Simple

The Lazy Genius

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