Episode 480: Maggie Montoya – 2:29 Marathoner Running with Roots Running and Salomon

Maggie Montoya is sponsored by Salomon. She is a member of the Roots Running team in Boulder, Colorado. She has set several personal bests since joining Roots. Recently, at the Grandma’s Half Marathon she broke Kara Goucher’s course record, running 69:26 and won the race. Maggie also competed in the Bolder Boulder 10k for Colorado Team USA and they won the whole thing!

She has completed three marathons: Houston 2022, Chicago 2022, and Boston this past year. She has a PR of 2:28:07 from Chicago last fall where she placed 8th. She is already qualified for the Olympic Trials marathon coming up and I’m so excited to see what she does there!

What we talked about:

4:30- Getting to know Maggie

6:00- Her race at Bolder Boulder

11:05- Her marathon experience

11:05- Ben Bruce pacing her at the Chicago Marathon

12:10- Her mindset in the marathon

15:10- Deciding to move up to the marathon

23:00- Recapping her marathons

28:50- Taking risks in races

30:00- Working with Josh Cox as an agent

34:30- Roots Running team

39:05- Her sponsorship with Salomon

44:00- Maggie’s relationship with her mom

50:40- What’s next

53:00- Her work and school

1:00:30- Team culture

1:05:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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