Episode 479: Marie Markham and Robyn McGillis – Founders of Wildwood Running

Robyn McGillis and Marie Markham are on the show today for another episode of the high school coaching series supported by V.O2.

Robyn and Marie are the founders of Wildwood Running. Wildwood is committed to guide, empower, connect, and educate young female runners and coaches that impact young female runners. Robyn and Marie are both high school cross country and track coaches themselves and when they went to clinics about coaching they realized there was this missing piece and they have a lot of questions about coaching high school female runners. They have formed their own clinics with Wildwood to help empower coaches and now athletes themselves to teach about what it means to be a female athlete in these formative years.

Robyn is a coach at Central Catholic High School and Marie is a coach at Lincoln High School. Robyn and Marie are both retired competitive runners themselves and they believe in the power of female leadership in youth sports and we talk all about this in this episode!

What we talked about:

4:15- Introduction to Robyn and Marie

10:00- The commitment of high school coaching

15:05- The importance of female leadership 

19:35- Celebrating your successes

23:30- Wildwood Running

28:20- Talking about body changes with young female athletes

48:00- Balancing parenting and coaching

53:50- Dreams with Wildwood Running

1:10:10- End of podcast questions

Show notes:



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Master of Change

The House Across the Lake

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