Episode 478: Lisa Weightman – 4x Olympian for Australia; 2:23:15 Marathon PR at Age 44

Lisa Weightman is on the show today! Lisa runs for Team Australia. She has competed in four Olympics (2008-2020). Since competing at her forurth Olympic Games in Tokyo, she is running better than ever. At age 44, she has set two personal bests in the mratahon within 6 months. She ran a 75 second PR at the Berlin Marathon in 2:24 in September 2022. Then in February, she improved that time by another 45 seconds, running 2:23:15 in Osaka. That moved her from the fourth to the third fastest Australian marathon time ever. Then, a week after Osaka she was still in Japan and placed 9th at the Tokyo marathon in a time of 2:31:42. 

This is going to be exciting to watch her as she works to make her fifth Olympic team. If she does that, she will be the first track and field athlete to make five Olympics for Team Australia. She is also running at the World Championships this year in Budapest which is exciting because her last world champs marathon was Berlin in 2009!

Lisa works full time for IBM and has an 8-year old son. 

What we talked about:

4:40- Her full-time job outside of running and balancing it with her running career

11:00- Having such a long running career

14:35- Contracts in Australia

18:20- What’s ahead for her running career

23:40- Aging in the sport of running

28:00- Training for her fifth Olympic team

30:00- Supershoes

38:40- Running the Osaka Marathon and Tokyo Marathon 7 days apart

50:00- Recapping the Osaka Marathon

59:45- Racing the World Champs marathon this summer

1:05:45- End of podcast questions

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