Episode 149 – Jen Raffery: Empowered, Aligned, and Taking Care of You! 

Let’s talk about living into your most authentic version of YOU! Educator, author, and international public speaker, Jen Rafferty started as a middle school music teacher for 15 years in Central New York. She is known for bringing her energy, humor and expertise in her presentations while inspiring educators to stay connected to their “why.” Jen is a certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.

Since its inception, the Empowered Educator has reached teachers and school leaders all over the world. Jen has been featured in Authority Magazine, Medium, Thrive Global, Voyage MIA, and was on the TEDx stage with her talk, Generational Change begins with Empowered Teachers. She is also the host of the podcast, Take Notes with Jen Rafferty, which is rated in the top 3% of podcasts globally.

In this episode, we cover tons of tools, tips, and techniques to help you empower and align your world including:

The sacrifice/renewal cycle as the problem & the solution for burnout.

The power of language & how it reflects and directs our reality.

Swapping work/life balance for work/life blend.

The difference between positive psychology and toxic positivity.

How the “shoulds” and “supposed-to’s” are what’s keeping you from work satisfaction.

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This episode was hosted by Emmy (@dremmyb).

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