Episode 475: Brian Rosetti – Founder of V.O2

We are launching another coaching series! This time we are focusing on interviewing high school coaches. This series is sponsored by V.O2.

Today’s guest on the coaching series is Brian Rosetti. Brian is the founder of V.O2. He founded the Run Smart project in 2006 due to his passion for running and desire to help others reach their goals. He has coached thousands of runners online in partnership with legendary coach Dr. Jack Daniels.

Brian’s own running accomplishments being a 10 time Atlantic 10 Track and Field Conference Champion. He has a PR in the 1500m of 3:44 and 1:14 half marathon.

I loved hearing from Brian about his passion for coaching and speaking to the influence that coaches have on their athletes for years to come!

What we talked about:

4:10- Brian’s running career

8:10- How Brian developed a relationship with Jack Daniels

21:00- The legacy of Jack Daniels’ coaching and many of his athletes turning into coaches

33:45- The impact of a high school coach

40:20- Some of Jack’s training concepts

50:45- The benefits of V-Dot

1:01:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:


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