Episode 474: Jess Stenson – 2x Olympian for Australia, 9th at 2022 NYC Marathon, and Baby Number 2 on the Way

Jess Stenson is an Olympic marathoner from Australia. She is the 2022 Commonwealth Games Champion. She runs for Lululemon. Jess has a 2:25:15 marathon PR and was 9th at the 2022 NYC Marathon in a time of 2:27:27.

Jess is the mother of one and has another on the way. I am so excited to be watching her career in the years to come!

What we talked about:

5:40- Deciding to start a family in the middle of her career

11:30- The selection process for the Australian Olympic team

13:50- Recapping her NYC marathon

20:00- Winning the Commonwealth Games in 2022

23:30- How motherhood has impacted her career

25:45- Her sponsorship with Lululemon

28:45- The Commonwealth Games

36:20- Looking ahead at the future of her career

38:30- Her running career progression

48:15- Jess’ coach

53:20- Her upbringing

1:01:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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