Episode 140: Heather Adams – On Connection, Entrepreneurship and Being Present and Passionate

Heather Adams is on the podcast today. I stumbled upon her when I heard her on another podcast that I listen to and learned that she was Jen Hatmaker’s book agent and she does so much with Jen and other women around the country. I just loved her pizzaz and energy! I started listening to some of her podcast and thought I’d bring her on the show!

She is the CEO and founder of Choice Communications. Her passion and mission is to link arms with other women as their champion and mentor in life and in work. She has launched over 100 NYT bestselling books. She is a publicist and communications expert. She has two teenage boys.

What we talked about:

4:10- Introduction to Heather

13:30- Creating a job that works for your quality of life

19:20- Publishing books

26:45- Media and PR

42:00- Owning a business and parenting two young boys

50:00- Focusing on being present

53:05- End of podcast questions

What we talked about:

Lessons in Chemistry

Heather on Instagram

Choice Media and Communications

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