Episode 470: Kara Winger – Four-Time Olympian and World Championships Silver Medalist

Kara Winger is on the show today! Kara is a four-time Olympian and a World Championships Silver Medalist. She is a former American Record Holder and Diamond League Champion. She has accomplished all of this while throwing the Javelin. 

I loved hearing from Kara about winning her first global medal last year.

Kara is now retired from track and field and is working for Parity Now, a company working to change the game for women athletes through powerfully inclusive and equitable brand partnerships. She tells us all about that work as well in this episode!

What we talked about:

4:15- How she got started in the javelin

8:00- Her interest in interior design

10:40- How she met her husband

14:00- Her grad work

17:20- Retiring from track

26:30- Giving coverage to field events

28:30- Medaling at the world championships and her final track season

45:45- Celebrating her medal at worlds with her husband

54:55- Being the flag bearer at the Olympics

1:01:00- Some of her favorite moments in her career and feelings heading into retirement

1:07:00- Celebrating big moments

1:09:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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