Episode 139: Monica Swanson – Character, Connection, and Faith

Monica Swanson is the mom of four boys. She is the author of the books Boy Mom and Raising Amazing.

In this episode, we talk a lot about character and what it means to raise our kids in a way that they learn about what is character and how to have good character. We talk about how she has raised her kids to love God, like their family, and do the dishes without asking.

Her oldest is 23 and her youngest is 12 and these are my favorite conversations to talk with parents that are ahead of me!

What we talked about:

2:40- Living in Hawaii on a farm

10:50- Raising four boys

15:00- Sibling fights

21:00- Boundaries and relationships with your children

37:50- Pursuing faith

43:55- Talking to kids about relationships

46:00- Teaching your kids about character

55:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:


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