Episode 137: Re-run Wend Snyder – Sibling Rivalry

This episode is a rerun of episode 58. I am taking a 2-week break from releasing new episodes here at the beginning of the summer to kick off an awesome summer with my kids! We’ll be back in 2 weeks with fresh episodes, but for now, enjoy this throwback to one of my favorite guests on the show!

Wendy Snyder is a returning guest of the show! She is on today to talk about sibling rivalry. Wendy is a parenting coach. She inspires parents to learn and grow and she leads with connection based strategies. She is the creator of the Firm and Kind Parenting Blueprint. She has an amazing online community called the Bonfire Membership Program. 

In this episode, Wendy gives strategies that we can use as parents to help our kids learn about conflict resolution. One of my favorite methods that Wendy teaches in parenting is making proactive agreements ahead of time with your kids and we talk about this in this episode. I hope that you walk away from this conversation feeling armed for when your children argue.

I first found Wendy when I was looking for guests around the topic of parenting on The Illuminate Podcast. I interviewed Wendy about positive parenting. Now this is my fifth time interviewing Wendy! We’ve had so many conversations about compassionate discipline and reframing how we think about parenting.

What we talked about:

6:35- Lindsey’s example of siblings fighting

10:50- Debriefing sibling rivalry

41:00- Talking to your kids about how you feel when they fight

46:25- Reducing the amount of times that you and your kids yell

49:45- Amending sibling arguments when they are happening

Show notes:

FREE Win-Win Guide for Conflict Resolution

Raising Strong Willed Kids Worksheet

Free Online Workshop: Power Struggles

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Helping Siblings Get Along Bundle Lesson

Wendy’s Website

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Brain Washed by David Perlmutter and Austin Perlmutter


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