Episode 466: Dani Moreno – 3rd at OCC; Seeking Adventures, Trail Running, and the Boston Marathon

Dani Moreno is on the podcast today! She is a sub-ultra trail runner. She is a four-time Team USA member, a two-time Xterra world trail champ, and a USA Sky Running Classic champion. She placed third at OCC, she was the first American to podium there. She was the fifth woman at the Golden Trail World Series in 2021.

She is from LA and went to the University of Santa Barbara. She walked away from running for a bit after college and then found her way right back to her love of running. She tells us how she found her way to trail running in this episode.

Dani is so adventurous. From skydiving to motorcycling to exploring mountains, anything that you can think of that is adrenaline-seeking, she has probably done it!

Recently, Dani debuted her road marathon at the Boston Marathon and came close to running the Olympic Trials qualifier, which was her goal.

Dani is sponsored by Adidas and lives and trains in Mammoth Lakes, California. She recorded this episode the week of her wedding, so congratulate her on her new adventure there!

She shares some really great information about trail running in this episode!

Photo credit: Jeshurun Small @gettinglostproductions

What we talked about:

What we talked about:

5:00- Growing up in LA

9:15- Getting married

11:15- Her work outside of running

16:00- Taking a break from running

22:30- Her love for adventure

27:50- Falling back in love with running

36:00- Finding the sport of trail running

47:15- Running the Boston Marathon

52:10- Living and training in Mammoth

54:00- Transitioning to road racing versus trail racing

59:45- Finding joy in running

1:01:15- What is next for Dani

Show notes:

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