Episode 135: Dr. Tracy Dalgleish – The Mental Load of Parenting and Relationships

Dr. Tracy Dalgleish is on the podcast today! She is a clinical psychologist, the mother of two, a wife, and she is the creator of Be Connected. She has a great online community at @drtracyd on Instagram. Nearly 200,000 people are following her over there getting sound and scientific advice.

She has spent over 15 years in practice working with individuals and couples and training with renowned relationship experts. She has a book coming out called I Didn’t Sign Up for This: A Couples Therapist Shares Real-Life Stories of Breaking Patterns and Finding Joy in Relationships . . . Including Her Own. She talks about that book and the cases that she walks through in that book!

What we talked about:

7:00- Giving up TV

14:40- Becoming a therapist

17:40- How much our childhood affects what we want out of our own partners

20:30- Healthy communication strategies

33:20- Disagreeing with your partner about how to parent

43:10- Keeping the spark alive with your partner

54:10- Numbing out with technology

56:50- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Dr. Tracy on Instagram

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Hello Beautiful

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Unstoppable Me!

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