Episode 465: Peter Bromka – Going All in With 2:19 Marathoner, Writer, and Relay Team Contributor

Peter Bromka was on the show a few years ago with Esther Atkins talking about the Olympic Marathon Trials.

Today was his first time on the show for a solo episode! It’s been a long time coming!

Peter is super fast runner – he is a 2:19 marathoner. A few years ago he was trying really hard to qualify for the Olympic Trials and came seconds from qualifying on multiple attempts. He wrote really honestly and raw about those experiences. We talk about that year in this episode.

Peter lives in Portland and is a writer. He just ran the Boston Marathon. He is a master’s runner now. In this episode, we talk about his goals, reaching his fullest potential, his feelings around trying to qualify for the Olympic Trials, and so much more!!

Photo credit: Dave Hashm, @dhash

What we talked about:

5:45- Getting to know Peter

9:50- Peter’s mother and father

17:30- Peter’s upbringing

23:00- Finding a balance with your love of running

34:20- Peter’s journey to running an Olympic Trials qualifier in the marathon and barely missing it 3 times

55:50- Seeking out your potential

 1:11:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

So Many Olympic Exertions

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