Episode 464: Steph Bruce and Ben Rosario – Follow Your Heart

Steph Bruce and Ben Rosario are on the podcast together today!!

Steph Bruce runs for Hoka NAZ Elite. She is the mom of two and having her third baby here in a few months! She is a three-time US Champion. She has worn her heart on her sleeve sharing her journey in the professional running world!

Ben Rosario is the founder of NAZ Elite and recently transitioned out of his head coaching role to the executive director. They brought Alan Culpepper on as the head coach so Ben can focus more on the business side of NAZ Elite.

Ben and Steph wrote a book called Follow Your Heart. Last year, Steph announced that she was retiring so Ben documented the past year in this book. You get a deep dive into her training and racing. Steph has since announced that she will continue to race and train as a professional. 

What we talked about:

5:50- Catching up with Ben and Steph

8:00- NAZ Elite updates

14:10- Steph deciding not to retire

26:00- Looking ahead to training postpartum

33:45- Having a transition in your career

43:25- Preparing for a transition in the NAZ Elite team

49:00- Discussion about the super shoes

1:07:00- Going to a dark place in racing

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