Episode 133: Dr. Siggie Cohen – Practical Steps to Calm and Confident Parenting

Dr. Siggie Cohen is on the show today! She is passionate about helping families connect and thrive. She has been working with families for over three decades, first as a teacher and then as a child development specialist.

Her own kids are all grown, so she has been there and done that and gives us some valuable advice in this episode!

What we talked about:

04:45- Dr. Siggie’s parenting journey

8:15- Being a working parent

10:35- Having a presence on Instagram

12:20- Surface and underlying triggers as a parent

16:10- Sharing our emotions with our kids

21:30- Finding a balance between sharing emotions with kids and having authority

27:35- When you “do it all right” and parenting is still hard and your discipline is unsuccessful

32:00- Parenting each child differently

34:55 – Parenting older kids when you don’t agree with their decisions

39:30- Punishing kids

48:10- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Dr. Siggie on Instagram

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