Episode 463: Emily Pifer – The Running Body

Emily Pifer is on the podcast today. She has a book that is beautifully written called The Running Body. The book tells Emily’s story and the story of so many other competitive and recreational runners who struggle with overtraining, disordered eating, bone injuries, lots of loss, and the emotional and physical healing that comes with that loss. Emily writes about her experience as a college track and cross country runner and also dives into the broader culture of elite distance running. Emily received her MFA in creative nonfiction writing from the University of Wyoming and is now a PhD candidate in composition and cultural rhetoric at Syracuse University.

Photo credit: Rose Curtis

What we talked about:

3:30- Emily’s book

12:20- The running body

15:30- Changes that need to be made in the sport

19:30- Healing her eating disorder

27:10- What would have helped her in college

38:10- Message to a younger version of herself

47:25- How parents can nurture self-love in their kids

52:00- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Hill Women

The Running Body

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