Episode 460: Adelle Tracey – Competing for Team Jamaica, Career Aspirations Outside of Running

Adelle Tracey runs for Hoka and she now competes for Team Jamaica after years of competing for Great Britain. She has been competing on the international stage for over ten years. She focuses on the 800 and 1500 and in this podcast we talk about the decision to run for Team Jamaica and her goals and aspirations in the sport of running. She is a silver medalist in the 1500m and a bronze medalist in the 800m at NACACs. During her first season representing Team Jamaica, she became a world semifinalist in the 1500 and 800.

Adelle is also a hair and makeup artist. She has worked in film, TV, and photography and has been a model.

Photo credit: @rich_seow_sports

What we talked about:

3:05- What a training day looks like for her

4:45- What she is training for

7:50- The development of her running career

9:20- All of her careers outside of running

13:35- Adelle’s sponsorship with Hoka

14:10- Switching to running for Team Jamaica

17:35- Her childhood

22:50- Running for Team Great Britain

26:15- Working on the mental side of sport

33:00- Racing both the 800 and 1500

37:50- Training in Kenya

42:15- Her coach

45:00- Being an ambassador for The Dyslexia Foundation and her dyslexia diagnosis

49:45- What she plans to do after running

50:55- What she is excited about with competing for Team Jamaica

51:55- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Deliciously Ella

Girl Gurl Grrrl by Kenya Hunt

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