Episode 456: Whittni Orton-Morgan – From NCAA Champion to Taylor Made Elite

Whittni Orton- Morgan is on the show today! She is a professional runner for Adidas and is on the new team, Taylor Made Elite, coached by Diljeet Taylor. If you have been following along our coaching series, we wrapped up the coaching series this past Tuesday with an episode with Diljeet so it was really fun to hear from both coach and athlete on the podcast this week! When Diljeet started coaching at BYU in 2016, that was Whittni’s first year there as well. It is so exciting to see them work together in Whittni’s professional career as well!

Whittni was the NCAA National Champion in Cross Country in 2021 and that came after some setbacks and she talks about how she processed all of that and how she got to the starting line ready to go and at peace. We talk Whittni’s faith in this episode and what that means to her. We also get to hear about what she is excited about. She has had a really great first year as a pro. She placed 2nd at the Millrose Games. She also ran a 4:23 mile which put her at the 9th all-time US indoor mile. She was 2nd at the USATF Indoor Championships. She is definitely one that you are going to want to follow!

What we talked about:

5:10- Taylor Made Elite and Whittni’s training

10:35- Whittni’s goals outside of running

12:05- Her family and upbringing

16:40- Her running career at BYU

22:05- Injuries in her career

30:00- Leaning on her faith

33:30- What winning the national cross country title meant to her

36:20- How Coach Taylor works with her after a tough performance

37:55- Redemption

39:45- Her first year as a pro

41:15- Having patience in her running career

46:45- Being a role model in the sport

47:45- What’s next for Whittni

50:00- End of podcast questions

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