Coaching Series Episode 6: Diljeet Taylor – Head Women’s Cross Country Coach, Associate Director of Track & Field at BYU (IHA Episode 455)

In today’s episode of the I’ll Have Another Podcast coaching series, we are joined by Diljeet Taylor!

Diljeet is the Head Women’s Cross Country Coach and Associate Director of Track and Field at BYU. She also recently started coaching an elite group called Taylor Made Elite. Diljeet has been at BYU since 2016 and they have had huge success under her leadership including a 2021 NCAA Cross Country National Championship. She also coached individual cross country national champion, Whittni Orton, who will be on this podcast soon! Diljeet also coached 5 other individual national champions including Courtney Wayment in the 5,000m, indoor 3,000m, and 3k steeple, Anna Camp-Bennett in the 1500m, and the DMR in 2021.

You’ll get to hear about her goals and dreams with BYU when she started this job. We also get to hear about her own choice to run in college and become a coach. She also shares about believing in her athletes and the value of that.

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What we talked about:

5:25- What training looked like today

6:10- Long winters and the snow

7:00- Taylor Made Elite

9:05- Creating a team culture and her coaching style

13:05- Goals when starting to coach at BYU

17:45- Winning the national cross country title

19:30- What makes her team successful

21:45- Working with athletes through disappointment

26:15- Managing an athletes progression

29:00- Walking with a woman through body changes

30:20- Her passion for coaching

31:30- Her own running and coaching trajectory

35:45- Following your dreams

37:20- Diljeet’s faith

38:35- “The dark place” in races and celebrating women in big moments

42:30- How various coaches had an impact on her career

46:15- The support that she feels from the entire athletic department

47:50- Infusing gratitude into her program

49:15- Motherhood

52:45- What’s next for Taylor Made Elite

54:15- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

Author suggestion: Colleen Hoover

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Use code “Lindsey” for 20% off the Adaptive Trainer service. If you want to learn more about utilizing V.O2 for coaching, email me at




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