Coaching Series Episode 5: Jenna Wrieden – Hoka NAZ Elite (IHA Episode 453)

Jenna Wrieden is the assistant coach for Hoka NAZ Elite. She joined their coaching staff in January of 2021 after a long and successful coaching career in the NCAA system. She has lived all over the country for her coaching career including Appalachian State, ZAP Fitness, her alma mater Arizona State University, High Pointe University, Queens University, and most recently the University of Louisville.

Jenna also ran at Arizona State University with Amy Cragg and Des Linden!

I loved hearing about her role at NAZ Elite, her journey to get there, and being a mom and a coach.

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What we talked about:

5:30- Her path to becoming a coach

7:10- Running for Arizona State University

18:35- Getting the job at NAZ Elite

30:35- Creating a strong team culture

33:35- Coaching with a family

40:00- Transitioning to coaching longer distances

41:40- Writing training for each different athlete

43:20- Jenna’s coaching role

45:20- Coaching with Alan Culpepper

47:00- Recruiting new athletes to the team

51:20- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Use code “Lindsey” for 20% off the Adaptive Trainer service. If you want to learn more about utilizing V.O2 for coaching, email me at


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