Coaching Series Episode 4: Kevin Hanson – Hansons-Brooks ODP (IHA Episode 451)

Kevin Hanson has coached high school athletics, everyday runners, and professional runners. Over 20 years ago, Kevin and his brother Keith started the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project. They saw a need for training groups in America and they started their own! The model that the Hanson’s team set up has been followed up by many other groups throughout the country and the world.

The Hansons-Brooks team has produced 4 Olympians, 12 National Champions, 30 World Championship team members, 75 US National Team Members, and 186 top 10 finishes at US Championships. Some of the most notable runners that have run with the Hanson’s are Des Linden, Bryan Sell, and most recently, Natosha Rogers. Natosha recently signed with Puma, and we hear about that transition in this episode.

Kevin and Keith also own running stores in Michigan, where they live.

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What we talked about:

4:50- Running a half marathon in the marathon training block

11:05- A weekly training structure

18:55- Strength training in a marathon build

21:00- Starting the Hanson’s Brooks team

30:15- Natosha Rogers

34:10- Cross country championships

35:30- Boston coaching series

42:05- Balancing all of his passions

53:05- Who we should be watching in the sport

55:35- Walking through dissapointments with athletes

59:35- Changes he would like to see made in the running world

1:04:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

One Life

Running While Black

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Use code “Lindsey” for 20% off the Adaptive Trainer service. If you want to learn more about utilizing V.O2 for coaching, email me at




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