Episode 450: Michele Gonzalez – Catching up with NYC Running Mama! 3:07 Marathoner, Ironman, Army Captain and Veteran

Michele Gonzalez is back on the show! Michele was first on the show on episode 16 back in 2016. Some of you may remember her as NYC Running Mama. She had a huge following on social media and with her blog, NYC Running Mama, back in the day. A couple of years ago, she decided that she needed to step away from social media and she shares about that in this episode.

Michele is a West Point grad, she spent 6 years active duty in the army. She is a 3:07 marathoner and is an Ironman. She is the mom of three and now works at Goldman Sachs in NYC.

In this episode, we talk about the transition from being a stay at home, training intensely and doing social media to where she is at now.

What we talked about:

4:05- Taking a break from social media

12:00- Introduction to Michele

15:00- Running an ironman postpartum

22:40- Social media

31:00- NYC Marathon

33:40- Thoughts on her marathon PR and her current training

42:40- Supershoes

44:50- Michele’s running

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