Episode 124: Nattie Meador – Community, Friendship, and Vulnerability

I am so excited about this conversation with my friend, Nattie Meador. I know Nattie from way back, she is from the same hometown as me and is one of those friends that I have kept up with since reconnecting on social media!

Nattie is from Bloomington, Indiana (my hometown!) and has moved back there and works as the Associate Director at Indiana University Alumni Association. She is the mom of three.

She recently started her new podcast called A Little Happy. She has such a great story of why they named it that and she shares about that in this episode and I loved that story!

We get honest in this episode about therapy, hard things that we walk through as mothers, friendship, creating community, and being honest and vulnerable with our friends and family.

What we talked about:

3:00- Getting to know Nattie

7:20- Finding out she was having twins

12:15- Nattie’s career

13:40- Moving back to her hometown, Bloomington, Indiana

16:40- The podcast that she started, A Little Happy

23:15- Having parallel feelings

26:20- Therapy and sitting in our anxiety

29:40- Leaning on community

35:50- Friendship

47:05- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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