Coaching Series Episode 3: Sheila Burrell – San Diego State University and Women’s Running Coaches Collective (IHA Episode 449)

Today on the coaching series, I am so excited to bring Sheila Burrell onto the podcast! Sheila is a two-time Olympian in the heptathlon, she is a five-time US national champion, she is a world championships bronze medalist and in the 2004 Olympics she placed 4th. She is an alumni of UCLA and is now the Head Track and Cross Country Coach for San Diego State University.

In this episode, we talk about her own career as a heptathlete in the first half of the episode and then we get into her coaching career. It was so great to hear about what got her into coaching, her coaching philosophy, and the people that influenced and inspired her to be the coach that she is today.

Sheila is also the president of the Women’s Running Coaches Collective which is a really cool organization that she shares about in this episode! They’re doing really great work so make sure to go check them out!

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What we talked about:

4:10- How she got into heptathlon

5:25- Being recruited as a heptathlete

6:50- A rundown of the heptathlon

7:25- Her own heptathlon career

9:05- How to get more fans following the heptathlon

9:55- The story of her going pro

15:55- Where her drive came from and people that have had an influence on her

20:00- Influences on who the coach she is today

24:05- Her current coaching career at San Diego State

31:40- Changes in the NCAA 

33:05- Working with athletes as they walk through changes with their body image

37:00- The Women’s Running Coaching Collective

42:50- Diversity in coaching

49:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Use code “Lindsey” for 20% off the Adaptive Trainer service. If you want to learn more about utilizing V.O2 for coaching, email me at




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