Episode 448: Bailey Kowalczyk – Nike Trail Pro; The Balance of Health and Performance

Bailey Kowalczyk is a trail runner. I learned a lot in this episode, I love talking to trail runners! She recently signed a contract with Nike running with their trail team. She burst onto the trail scene in 2020 and she had some really great FKTs (fastest known time). Most recently, she had a really great race at the Golden Trail Series which is a stage race were she placed fifth overall. In this epsidoe, we go back to her day srunning at Clemson University. Bailey had some significant troubles at Clemson, she was medically released due to disordered eating. She moved to Boulder, Colorado after that and discovered trail running.

In this episode, we talk about some of Bailey’s hardships and about how she is passionate about running as your strongest, healthiest self. 

What we talked about:

4:00- Signing a new sponsorship deal with Nike

4:20- The culture of trail running

6:35- Making an impact on the sport of running

9:15- Bailey’s story with running and disordered eating

24:25- The Golden Trail Series

27:05- A glimpse into her mindset while doing hard things

31:10- Glamorizing certain distances in running

34:10- Her journey into the trail scene from being a middle distance runner

38:05- What her training looks like

42:30- Being coached by David Roche and her spring racing schedule

45:10- How her child impacted the athlete that she is today

51:05- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Bailey’s Website

Author suggestions: Liane Moriarty and Elin Hilderbrand

Me Before You

After You

Good for a Girl

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