Episode 123: Aly Pain – Ditching Performance Parenting

Aly Pain is back on the show! She was on episode 118 where we talked about healthy communication with our kids, especially as they are in their teen years. Today, we talk about communication again but we talk about how to communicate with our kids when they have something big coming up without being outcome focused.

Aly Pain is a parenting expert. She helps parents end baffling blowups and painful disconnection with their teens to build trust and respect. She is a certified relationship coach for families.

Aly is passionate about empowering us to have deeper and meaningful relationships with our kids where we can actually communicate well and listen well.

What we talked about:

3:30- Emotions with kids coming home for the holidays

6:20- Conversations with our kids about their accomplishments without focusing on the outcome

14:25- Encouraging our kids to work hard

20:55- Working with a kid that is naturally perfectionist or high achieving

39:00- Last message to listeners

Show notes:

How to Raise an Adult

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