Coaching Series Episode 1: Jon Green – Verde Track Club (IHA Episode 445)

I am so excited to bring you this 6 part coaching series on I’ll Have Another! I have had conversations with 6 different coaches in the running world and we are learning about their coaching philosophies and strategies and what their programs look like.

This first episode is with Jon Green who is Molly Seidel’s coach, who won the Olympic Bronze medal in the marathon under his coaching.

He recently formed the Verde Track Club out in Flagstaff. He coaches both professional and everyday runners.

Jon was also back on the show on episode 243 with Molly in April of 2020 after she made the Olympic team!

Thank you to V.O2 for sponsoring this series of the podcast! Go to and use the code “Lindsey” for 20% off the Adaptive Trainer service. If you want to learn more about utilizing V.O2 for coaching, email me at

What we talked about:

3:30- Introduction to Jon and his coaching

6:30- Molly winning the Bronze medal at the Olympics

11:25- Jon working with Stephen Haas

13:25- The business side of The Verde Track Club

16:00- Checking in on the athlete versus just looking at results

20:35- Tapering for the marathon and structuring a training plan for the marathon

24:50- Learning to listen to your body

29:05- How to choose which marathon to run

38:45- Finding an identity outside of coaching

44:30- Looking ahead at his running career

48:00- Getting into coaching

58:00- Jessa Hanson and recruiting her to the team

1:01:05- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Jon on Episode 243 of the I’ll Have Another Podcast

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Use code “Lindsey” for 20% off the Adaptive Trainer service. If you want to learn more about utilizing V.O2 for coaching, email me at


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