Episode 442: Lucy Bartholomew – Ultras and Ironman; Finding Joy in the Process

Lucy Bartholomew is an ultra runner and is now an Ironman. She completed her first Ironman last year, placing fourth and qualifying for the Kona World Championships so she will be doing that this year!

Lucy broke onto the Ultra scene in 2017. She placed third at Western States in 2018. She ran her first ultra at age 14, which is a really fun story that she shares about in this episode.

Lucy is supported by Salomon. Lucy has won a ton of prestigious races including Ultra Trail Cape Town, Ultra Trail Australia by UTMB, Devil’s Ridge Ultra, North Burn 100, and the list goes on!

We talk a lot about not being so focused on the results and focusing on process goals instead.

What we talked about:

4:30- Catching up about Lucy’s travels

10:15- Running her first 100k

13:30- Her dad’s running career

18:40- Her decision to not drink

20:35- Accepting yourself for what you can do on the day

28:20- Her 150 miler

30:10- Recapping her races at Western States

52:05- Her Ironman

1:05:30- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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