Episode 441: Laura Thweatt – A Fresh Outlook on Training and Racing

Laura Thweatt is back on the show! She was first on this podcast back in May of 2020 on episode 247.

Laura just announced that she is running the Boston Marathon. She is a 2:25 marathoner. She placed 5th at the Olympic Trials in Atlanta. This past fall, she had a disappointing race at the Chicago Marathon and she shares all about that in this episode. Laura has really changed her outlook on what 2023 is going to look like for her life, racing and training. She has a great mindset and you’ll hear all about it!

She is also running the USA Cross Country Championships in Richmond, Virginia this weekend!

Laura lives in Boulder, Colorado and she trains with the Boulder Harriers and is coached by Steve Jones.

What we talked about:

3:20- Running Boston

13:45- Finding confidence in running again

19:45- Her race at the Chicago Marathon

29:10- Running US Cross Country Championships

32:00- Social media

48:45- Training with the Boulder Harriers and being coached by Steve Jones

56:30- Taking the pressure off of her running

1:06:30- Wrap-up

Show notes:

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