Episode 118: Aly Pain – Healthy Communication With Your Kids

Aly Pain is a parenting expert. She helps parents end baffling blowups and painful disconnection with their teens to build trust and respect. She is a certified relationship coach for families.

Aly is passionate about empowering us to have deeper and meaningful relationships with our kids where we can actually communicate well and listen well.

I loved learning from and connecting with Aly in this episode!

Disclaimer: Aly shares about some dysfunctional family relationships in her own life which included her having an eating disorder and attempting suicide.

What we talked about:

2:45- Being kind to yourself while parenting

7:10- Where her passion for helping other parents came from

20:45- Understanding the teen brain

27:00- Communicating and setting boundaries with our teenagers

32:55- The emotional feeling wheel

37:55- Encouraging our kids when they are going through phases of self doubt

45:05- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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