Episode 440: Lauren Fleshman – Good for a Girl

Lauren Fleshman’s new book, Good for a Girl, is out now! Lauren has had a big career in so many different areas – running, entrepreneurship, coaching, etc. In her book, Lauren goes through all of that!

Lauren ran for Stanford where she was a 5-time NCAA Champion and 15-time All-American. Lauren went on to run professionally for Nike where she won 2 USA Championships and was on 5 World Championship teams. Lauren’s career had a lot of ups and downs and we chatted about that in this episode!

Lauren is an entrepreneur through and through. She is the founder of Picky Bars, hosts running retreats, and is the coauthor of the popular Believe Training Journal.

Photo credit: Cortney White & Oiselle

What we talked about:

4:00- Chatting about Lauren’s book

10:00- What needs to change in women’s sports

17:15- Parenting

20:25- Writing about her dad’s alcoholism in the book

22:00- Her own relationship with alcohol

28:10- Mental health

34:00- Coaching

37:20- Writing

46:50- Parenting

50:35- What’s next for Lauren

53:35- How her career sits with her now that she is retired

58:10- Speaking up in her career

59:20- Where she sees herself going after this book

1:03:00- How Oiselle changed her life

1:06:30- How she spectates the sport now

1:07:40- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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Running While Black

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