Episode 439: Elly Henes – Transition to Pro Running – 14:52 5k & Being Coached by Mike Smith in Flagstaff

Elly Henes is a professional runner for Adidas. She lives in Flagstaff and is coached by Mike Smith. Elly ran for NC State where she was an NCAA champion in the 5k. She won that title in 2021. This was exactly 30 years after her mom became NCAA Champion in 5k at NC State as well. She was coached by her mom at NC State.

She is a 10 time All-American and 6 time ACC Champion. She placed 6th at the 2020 Olympic Trials coming right off of her NCAA title!

Elly has a PR of 14:52 in the 5k which she ran in Berlin last year.

Last week, we released a re-run episode with Elly’s mom, Coach Laurie Henes, who is the cross country head coach at NC State. They just won their second national title in cross country at NC State.

What we talked about:

5:35- Growing up in Raleigh and then going to NC State

11:35- Being coached by Mike Smith

13:05- Her collegiate running career

15:35- Winning the NCAA title in the 5k 30 years after her mom did

19:00- Her mental health in and out of the sport

41:40- Elly’s training partners and choosing to be coached by Mike Smith

49:35- Placing 6th at the Olympic Trials

51:20- Managing expectations as a professional runner

56:00- Breaking 15 minutes in the 5k

58:15- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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