Episode 116: Tritika Sharda Bhanot – Simplifying Your Home

Tritika Sharda Bhanot is passionate about the minimalist lifestyle. She is a working Southasian mom on her journey to the minimalist lifestyle and her mantra is “each inch of your house is gold, use it wisely.” I love that she shares in this episode that her mother is who actually planted the seeds of minimalism growing up. She also shares 5 tips for taking the first step to decluttering, organizing, and simplifying.

Tritika works full time outside of the home as a senior consultant for an IT company. Along with this passion of hers for helping others simplify their life, she also has a side gig where she cooks delicious Southasian food and she also has a passion for helping other women create their own businesses as well.

What we talked about:

3:05- Introduction to Tritika

4:55- Living a minimalist lifestyle
12:20- The two-year rule to help you simplify your home

18:40- Organization tips

22:00- 5 tips for organizing and decluttering

30:45- Gifting experiences

33:00- Her side hustle of cooking

39:15- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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